All of our goodwill lives within the heart of CJR: ROBINSON CARES.

Group, LLC has always been active in the community in many different ways, and for many different causes. From sponsorships, to donations to community service projects and walks/runs, we are giving back in all of the various communities in which we operate. It’s just a part of our DNA. It’s what we do.



Robinson Cares partners with programs such as Builders Capacity, Builders Associates and other Community Based Programs to assist with training, mentoring, career development, and higher learning in the area of Construction, Engineering, Development and Business. Upon receiving the proper training and certifications, CJR Construction provides on the job training in the area of pre-construction, estimating, field training, and project management.

Business Development

Robinson Cares partners with local businesses in the Urban Community creating internships, job opportunities for youth that are striving to work towards a career in engineering, real estate, construction and business. Goal is to create opportunity for inspiring youth in the Urban Community striving to make a different in life.


Robinson Cares offers Scholarships for High School Graduates from Urban Community that majors in Engineering, Construction, Real Estate, and Business. Robinson Cares provides tutoring, mentorship for youth between the ages of 8 to 18 years of age.  From after schools programs to ACT Prep, Robinson Cares is here to help.

Affordable Housing

CJR real estate development division, called New Urban Development (NUD), creates sustainable projects that promote environmental sensitivity design, entrepreneurship, education, and connectivity.  From single and multifamily properties to mixed-use communities, NUD identifies and defines locations, primary throughout the Midwest to support Affordable Housing efforts in Urban Communities.